2016 Indiana Deer Hunting Season



The 2016 Indiana Whitetail Deer hunting bowhunting season started on October 1st. I have yet to hit the woods because of the warm temperatures and work. I have been prepping by shooting my bow at different ranges and making sure my broadheads are flying straight. I picked up a climbing tree stand for this year. It is the XOP  Strike Force that I got a good deal on by taking advantage of the  Jet.com 15% off promo. The broadheads I will be using are the Wasp Drones and Grim Reaper 1 3/8″ Razortips. I have them flying with my field points. I’m confident they will get the job done if I do my part in making a good shot. This is my second bowhunting season. It will be my first trying to hunt public land. I made the decision to try public land after only getting out a few times last year (on private land that’s 3.5 hours away) and not giving myself enough opportunities for success. I have a few areas picked out, via Google Maps, that I want to try out. My plan is to go during the week when I am off work. I plan to go late in the morning around 10am. I think this will give me the best chance to avoid other hunters. I will update if I get the freezer filled with venison.

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