Five Frugal Things

ClkerFreeVectorImages / Pixabay

  1.  I returned a package of underwear that I had bought because I got the wrong material by mistake. I wanted polyester to wear to work and when outdoors. I got the cotton ones by mistake. I didn’t have my receipt so I got a gift card for the credited amount. The same underwear was on sale with a bonus pair included. So I grabbed the right kind and actually came out ahead.
  2. I needed some mouthwash. My dental hygienist recommend Listerine Zero because it doesn’t contain alcohol. There was a $1 off coupon attached. So I made sure to use that at checkout. It actually made it the same price as the smaller bottle.
  3. I found a deal on some used arrows that were already cut to the length I need. A few needed refletched. The local shop charges $3.50 (I believe) to refletch each arrow. I decided to buy the equipment and materials that I need to do it myself. All together it cost around $100. I know it’s inevitable that I will need some refletched and in the long run this will save me money. It also feels good to not have to rely on the local shop to do it.
  4. I got a free fountain drink at a gas station by using their rewards program. Being a member also gets me a discount on gas.
  5. Took advantage of a “Free Fishing Day” this weekend. It’s one day in which a license is not required to fish. A fishing license is only $17 but it was something free to do with my girlfriend.

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