Five Frugal Things

I’ve seen a few other bloggers post about five frugal things they have done recently. I thought I would give it a shot.

  1. Utilized my free archery range hours pass that I received, when I bought my compound bow last Spring, to get some practice in and adjust my new (to me) sight. Made for some cheap entertainment. I did end up buying a few new arrows but used a gift card to cover most of that cost.
  2. I’m currently selling my old smartphone on eBay. It has been sitting in my closest for almost a year. It already has a few bids so it will sell. I have been going through my closets finding things, that are actually worth something, to sell and make some extra money.
  3. Scoured the internet for promo codesĀ on a hotel my girlfriend and I will be staying at. Received 10% off of the stay. I recommend looking for promos any time you purchase something online. More often than not I can get at least free shipping.
  4. Obtained a free Redbox rental with hardly any effort. Rented a movie for my girlfriend and I to watch. The movie was “The Diary of a Teenage Girl” if you were curious. Neither of us cared much for it. Definitely not one for the kiddos.
  5. Used my gas rewards card to save $.15 off per gallon. Cost me $1.36 per gallon and around $21 to fill my car up.

Next I think I will try “five un-frugal things” because I have done a few of those recently as well.

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