Five Ways to Simplify and Save


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I just wanted to share a brief overview of a few ways that I simplify and save.

  1. Wet Shaving: I have been wet shaving for nearly two years now. I use an Edwin Jagger DE89BL double edge safety razor. They can be found for under $30 on Amazon. I use Astra razors which can also be obtained on Amazon for pennies a piece. For soap I like Arko because it is cheap and lasts forever. It is also easy to lather. I use a boar hair brush. I use a cheap salsa bowl to build lather. I use a coffee mug to soak my brush in before shaving. Wet shaving has a bit of a learning curve. So expect it to take a little longer to shave than normal at first. But I get a much closer shave and the razor burn is almost nonexistent. There are a lot of helpful YouTube videos out there to get you started. I have only spent around $10 on razors in the last year.
  2. Prepaid Phone Plan: I highly recommend a prepaid cell phone plan. Prepaid is flexible and there are a lot of options out there including; MetroPCS (T-Mobile network), Boost Mobile (Sprint network), Cricket (AT&T network), Page Plus (Verizon network), H2O Wireless (AT&T network), Straight Talk (AT&T or Verizon network), and GoPhone (AT&T network). Just to name a few. Personally, I use Cricket. It all depends on what network has the best coverage in your area and your usage. Paying $35 per month is much easier to swallow than $70+ for a similar service.
  3. Overdrive App: Check to see if your local library offers eBook checkout through the OverDrive app. Install the app on your smartphone, tablet, or eBook reader and you can checkout and download eBooks through your local library. It is a very convenient way to get access to thousands of books. I can checkout books without even getting out of bed. There are also no late fees since the books automatically expire after their lending period. A frugal choice for bookworms.
  4. Automatic Payments: I have nearly every one of my recurring bills, credit cards, investments, etc. set to auto pay. This insures that they are paid on time and I don’t incur any late fees or pay exorbitant interest fees. There are people that have an irrational fear of automatic payments. I say embrace them and worry less.
  5. Use Credit Everywhere: Obviously if you don’t have any self control then ignore this. I have multiple credit cards and receive at least 2% cash back for my purchases. They offer better fraud protection than debit cards, are more convenient than cash, and you can earn points/cash back every time you swipe. I am a fan of the Discover It and Citi Double Cash but do your research and see which card best fits your spending patterns.

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