Cricket Wireless Review

Most of the major carriers these days are moving away from the two year contract plans that have been around for decades. They’ve caught onto the fact that a lot of people moved to prepaid for the lower cost and flexibility. If you are on a prepaid plan you can switch any time to another plan with relative ease. It just involves buying a SIM card, purchasing a monthly service plan, and transferring your number.

I moved to prepaid from a postpaid AT&T family plan I had been on since I first got a cell phone when I was 16. This was April of 2014. At that point Cricket had actually been purchased by AT&T and merged with their AIO brand. So I was able to use my existing phone because it was a GSM phone. You need to have an unlocked GSM phone or an AT&T branded phone. Cricket also offers their own line of phones. You can check your phone’s compatibility here.

The transition was very easy. Target and some Wal-Mart locations now carry Cricket SIM cards for $9.99. I would recommend buying a SIM card from one of those locations and activating your service over the phone or online because if you go to a brick and mortar Cricket store they charge $25 for activation. In order to activate your service you will need to know your current service’s account information including your account number and PIN number. Also do not cancel your current service. Your service will be cancelled automatically when you port your number to Cricket.

Here is the link to activate your Cricket SIM card. Activating online is as simple typing your SIM card info and your phone’s IMEI number. You will also need to enter you personal information, current services account info, payment info etc. You will need to pick one of their service plans. I went with the $40 ($35 autopay) plan with 2.5GB of data. I only use data when I am not at work or home. So 2.5GB is plenty for me. But if you need a lot of data they offer a 10GB/month plan. So pick whichever plan fits your needs.

One way Cricket keeps costs down is to offer native AT&T coverage only. So you will not be able to roam. But AT&T coverage is excellent in most of the U.S. Data speeds are also limited to 8MB/sec. This is plenty fast for most things including streaming music and YouTube videos. I have used both the AT&T postpaid service as well as GoPhone. Cricket’s coverage is almost identical to those.

Cricket offers referral bonus of $25 which can help cut the cost of their service even more. If you use a person’s referral link, both people receive a $25 credit to their account after 60 days. So if this post has helped you in any way I will be glad to send you my referral link. Also if you need any help getting your Cricket service activated I recommend emailing their customer service: You should get a response in a timely manner.


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