Google Chromecast

I would like part of this blog to be dedicated to reviewing products that I use to simplify my life or recommend in general. One of those items is the Google Chromecast. I obtained the Chromecast this past May. I have used  Roku 2 for a few years to stream media but had heard good things about the Chromecast. If your are finance savvy you know that paying a huge cable/satellite bill is for suckers. So having a device to stream free cheap/content is useful for entertainment after you “cut the cord.”

The Chromecast is a simple stick device that plugs into an HDMI port on the back/side of your HDTV. You have the option of powering it by plugging the charging cable into a USB port or using the AC adapter and plugging it into an outlet. I had to get a replacement mini charging cable after my kitten chewed through the original one. It is a much shorter cable that plugs into a USB port. They can be found on Amazon and also eBay. The cable is now out of reach from my cat and is much tidier looking.

The Chromecast is controlled by your phone/tablet, I use my HTC One M8. I find it convenient because I usually have my phone next to me so i’m not looking for a remote. The Chromecast app needs to be installed on your phone/tablet and synced with your WiFi internet connection. From then on you can “cast” any app from your phone/tablet that has this little icon: 

Most popular apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, etc. are supported. You can also cast content from your internet browser. You can find free content on YouTube and apps like the PBS app have free content to stream as well. A personal favorite web series of mine is Bowhunt or Die. The Chromecast works great for streaming Netflix. You can easily pause, rewind, etc. using your phone/tablet.

I recently discovered that there are games for Chromecast. There is a Cards of Humanity type game called Cardcast. I have yet to try it but could come in handy when company is over. There are classic games such as Monopoly and Scrabble as well. The Chromecast offers a lot of entertainment options for $35. Their is a new updated model that i’m sure is great. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to cut the cord but still need your entertainment fix.

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